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Thermal partitions enabling free arrangement of load area reducing area required to maintain load temperature

Thermal partitions [iso/temp] enable easy arrangement of the loading area. Their application causes the reduction of the area required to maintain the load temperature.

Such a solution provides many advantages.
The most important are:

  • fuel saving,
  • smaller aggregate consumption,
  • possibility of transporting goods in two different tempertures in one transport.

Verified by tests in ATP laboratory – Machinery and Motor Vehicles Institute of the Poznan University of Technology

Partitions come in two variants:

60MT 20kg ~0,6W/m2
80MT 28kg ~0,4W/m2

We are a manufacturer of thermal partitions. We also deal with assembling, service and complex repairs of cooling transport units.

We have 19 years of experience which enables us to professionally handle and repair all kinds of aggregates available on the market. We guarantee our customers reliable implementation of the entrusted tasks.

We provide help in selecting cooling aggregates, carrying out interim reviews, diagnosing repairs.

We are a manufacturer of thermal partitions for multi-temperature transports. Our partitions provide very good thermal isolation which combined with a low weight and easiness in assembling gives unlimited possibilities of using the load area.

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